We'll always be at war with ourselves.

We'll always be at war with ourselves.

Hi, I'm Denise. Trumble is my escape from real life where I can express everything I love and hate with no one to judge. I few words that people use to describe me is Difficult, Vindictive, Crazy, Gorgeous (I don't believe that one). But I do have my own disorder that was given to me DeniseDisorder, which I truly do have, but you can make your own judgement, but to have access to doing that you have to get to know me. I'm out RAWR!

Where copyright respect

I created these shirt. It’s my idea from my head that I sit down and work hard on to creat. Yeah it may be a t shirt and it my be for my boyfriends band but should I get a say who gets to model them or even the respect of concern of where I stand on modeling my design. Should the guy that paided for the t shirts get to decide which on i forgot that’s my fucking boyfriend. Because no one else seems to be as passionate about this band as he is and it pisses mr off watching he’s dreams suffer because of others. But back to my shirt and my design for my boyfriends band. Why the fuck haven’t anyone let me model his short seeing as I’m a model as well. We’ll I can’t say that but I’m an inspiring one and trying it out which I found I really enjoy doing and I’m pretty good at it. But why the fuck can’t I model my own t shirt design with my own modeling firm with my own photography instead she goes and does it with everyone fucking else. Basically cutting up and ruining the t shirt I created. I’m done ranting but to end this all when is any one going to consider me and I actually get to have a voice and be recognized for the things I do because it’s a hell of alot more then most people my age.

25 Facts On Napping


  1. Abandon all-nighters - Foregoing sleep by cramming all night reduces your ability to retain information by up to 40%. If you can, mix in a nap somewhere to refresh your hippocampus.
  2. It doesn’t mean what you think - If you know you have to pull an all-nighter, try a “prophylactic nap.” It’s a short nap in advance of expected sleep deprivation that will help you stay alert for up to 10 hours afterwards.
  3. You can’t avoid that down period after lunch by not eating - Human bodies naturally go through two phases of deep tiredness, one between 2-4 a.m. and between 1-3 p.m. Skipping lunch won’t help this period of diminished alertness and coordination.
  4. Pick the right time - After lunch in the early afternoon your body naturally gets tired. This is the best time to take a brief nap, as it’s early enough to not mess with your nighttime sleep.

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I love naps.



I wish I didn’t have to say “I’ve changed since then” but this is who I am now. I did change. People change.

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