We'll always be at war with ourselves.

We'll always be at war with ourselves.

Hi, I'm Denise. Trumble is my escape from real life where I can express everything I love and hate with no one to judge. I few words that people use to describe me is Difficult, Vindictive, Crazy, Gorgeous (I don't believe that one). But I do have my own disorder that was given to me DeniseDisorder, which I truly do have, but you can make your own judgement, but to have access to doing that you have to get to know me. I'm out RAWR!

Only skin deep forever there.

I want you to be as crazy about me as you have done before. Why am I not able to make you feel that crazy burn inside you. I do I feel so unworth and undeserving of any love like that. Why are you just lening on me for what you need. Dont you love me enough to do something crazy and make it forver. I dont feel you want me forever. I cawli g onto this because this is exactlly what I want, need, love.


I cant do this anymore. I dont have time for it or want it in my life. I have so much more going for me. When start getting that awakard feelings this is why I dont have friends. I live in a dark rabbit hole and I like it. Its time to hit the real world but theres so many other paths to take. As much love compassion and just insane attachment n understanding I have for you. I dont what this life style. I just cant fo it but I dont think I can bare to leave you. I want to just swipe you away and make perfect life for ourselfs. Our family a family to make. But I cant just rip you away from the life style you choose, I dont know if you love it. Its scares me o think that I may have to leave but it will always be about me first or make me want you to stay. I will not live a double life. Let me just be that dark little metal chick. Im not mentally prepared to be in the rockstar life style. Im not looking for that. But I feel ill will just kill you to know but that just crushes the brain.

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